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Full Contact Beater

All series equipped with 304 stainless steel beater.

Unique modification from high standard international brand.

Higher freezing efficiency, overrun, and smoother dispensing experience.

Sprayless Gear Pump

A new born and evolution on classic gear pump.

Constant control of pressure in the cylinder, advanced operation operation logic eliminate the possibility of random spraying. Ice cream has never been so fine and even.

Low-noise Converter

Integrated converter regulates the output of the system in order to reduce energy consumption, noise level and extend service life.

Smart Refrigeration

No more small pre-cooling compressor. One compressor distribute refrigerant smartly to cylinder and hopper. Temperature are carefully measured to reduce energy consumption.

Heat Treatment

2 hours of pasteurization for both hopper and cylinder kills 97-99% of bacteria to achieve long-term fresh preservation before cleaning.


Defrost the mix and clean faster!

Mix Regeneration

Ice Crystallization occurs when product remains in cylinder over an extended time. The Taycool regeneration tech reduces this phenomenon and relive the mix.

Auto Dispensing

Advanced dispensing system for high-class customers and self-serve stores.

One touch dispensing reduces labor cost.

Cloud Monitoring

Remote monitoring system for big chains.

Monitor sales, mix, equipment condition, cleaning in real time.