Automatic Dispensing Ice Cream Vending Machine TC302D

Automatic Dispensing Ice Cream Vending Machine TC302D

TC302D Automatic dispensing ice cream machine. Suitable for airport, hotels, cinema.

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Product Details

One flavour counter top model TC302D automatic soft serve ice cream machine, Ice cream Vending Machine all food grade operate by scanning the QR sticked on the machine, just press the button "Dispense", then you will get a cone of fresh delicious soft serve or frozen yogurt. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as Shopping Mall, Airport, Metrol Station, Cinema, Pedestrian Mall, Petroleum Station, Bus Station, Train Station Freeway Station, Park  , University etc.

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        Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine Buttons Description:

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        Automatic Ice Cream Vending Machine Description:

       1. This machine sell soft ice cream automatically;

       2. Widely used in park, supermarket, university, Petroleum Station, shopping mall, cinema etc.;

       3. Stainless steel shell with Italian design will catch much attention. OEM service is also available;

       4. A grey stainless steel button to confirm and press this button to get ice cream;

       5. Machine accepts payment by Scanning the QR, once for one cup of ice cream;

       6. The cone collector stores paper ice cream cones. 


Besides above features, this automatic ice cream machine also keeps its all other traditional functions as below:

1.  Mix level sensor is installed in the hopper. Mix low alert system would alert operator if the materials is not enough;

2. Standby(Overnight): It is one of the indispensable functions of modern ice cream machines. Keep mixture fresh during long no-use periods and night;

3. Counter Function: It will show the total numbers of dispensing during the whole day. Controlling cost becomes easier for owners;

4. Hardness adjustable: There are six different hardness for different ice cream mixture. Frozen yogurt usually need harder texture than soft serve. 2-level is for common mixture;

5. Smart Pre-cooling: Once turning the ice cream machine on, the pre-cooling function works automatically;

6. Error Code Indication: For protecting the soft serve freezer better once ambient voltage or current is not stable.

General Parameters













Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Dimension

323x811x914 mm

Packing Dimension

430x915x1065 mm

Electrical Specification

Rated Power




Motor Power


Suggested Power Supply


Refrigeration System


Tecumseh 1HP/1

Refrigerating Capacity

4071 BTU/h



Cooling System

Air Cooling

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Taycool is never satisfied with a good machine, but the state of perfection.

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With the Taycool commercial soft serve Automatic ice cream machine, even if you are a beginner for ice cream business, you will be able to make ice cream without putting in any manual labor. All you need to do is pour the ice cream mixture into the hopper, and your ice cream will be ready after eight minutes.

This is an ideal equipment for preparing frozen desserts like ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, and even gelato. The body is insulated to keep your safe. It is a small size but a little heay weight, simple and convenient to operate and mantaince that is worth every penny.

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-Which type of soft ice cream machine is better for opening a store?

-Firstly, it depends on your ice cream store position. A good position means you need to serve more customers, get higher sales. So ice cream machine with big production is neccessary for this situation. While if your ice cream store  located at somewhere not have much customers, you can use one flavor ice cream machines, or small size table top model soft ice cream machines. Small size ice cream equipments with smaller cost on terms of power and ice cream mix. Or if you choose our auto-dispens ice cream machine will be benefit for laber-saving. 

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