Commercial Ice Cream Machine For Sale CE Standard

Commercial Ice Cream Machine For Sale CE Standard

Ice cream machine TC392S with twin twist flavors, huge capacity, high overrun.

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Product Details

Commercial Ice Cream Machine for Sale CE Standard

Brief Introduce of Soft Serve Makers:

This soft serve ice cream machine is ready toserve two flavors plus one twist of soft serve, frozen yogurt or sorbet within 10 minutes for the first time making ice cream, and it will continue to produce about 50 quarts of product per hour. two 13 quart refrigerated hoppers keep the ice cream mix cold overnight and during slower sales periods. Automatic reture handles prevent accidental overrun and minimize the product waste.

Quick details:

General Parameters:




Vertical Floor









Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Dimension

540x832x1458 mm

Packing Dimension

650x940x1680 mm

Note: The capacity is depends on the operating environment and mixture.

Electrical Specification:

Rated Power




Motor Power


Suggested Power Supply


Refrigeration System:


Tecumseh 1.5HP/1

Refrigerating Capacity

5473 BTU/h



Cooling System

Air Cooling

professional commercial ice cream maker.png

Taycool Soft Ice Cream Machine TC392S Features:

1. Ice cream machine TC392S 304stainless steel shell, Longer durability;

3. Effectively lower the rate of frozen cylinder: lower level warning;

4. Effective pre-cooling fuction in hopper and cylinder;

5. Stainless steel beater with blades-- Food grade beaters, improve the

6. Counter function-- See the numbers of dispensing, reduce the mix cost;

7. Overnight function(standby)-- Ensure the safety and hygiene of the ice-cream liquid;

8. Tecumseh compressors (from France)-- Famous compressor brand with top quality;

9. Agitator system-The agitator in the hopper can keep the consistence of the ice cream liquid, work well with pre-cooling.

10. Refrigerated hopper with feed tube, level sensor system-- -30°C in the hoppers, -5°C in the hoppers; -6°C of the ice cream.

11. Easy Clean and Operation – Fewer Parts = Simplified Cleaning. 

Taycool equipment is designed and built with fewer parts to be disassembled, cleaned and sanitized than any other machine in the industry.

Taycool Frozen Yogurt Maker TC392S Highlights:

1. Original Italian appearance, suitable for any stars-levels places such hypermarket, plaza;

2. Perfect continuity of dispensing, it can dispense more than 40 cups ice cream one time;

3. New frequency converters system, energy-saving and lower noise;

4. 85~90% spare parts from world famous high quality companies and brands (such as Europe, USA and Japan);

5. Top quality foaming technology, rapid and constant freezing of yogurt and ice cream;

Special frozen cylinder protection system for better performance;

6. 12 months warranty for the whole machine, CE, ETL, CB approved; 

7. More than 1000 yogurt shops are using taycool soft serve ice cream machines globally. 

Ice Cream Machine provides you the Perfect continuity of dispensing and high overrun soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt.

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Commercial soft ice cream machines are more complicated than home use ice cream 

makers, it usually has three main systems: 

★The refrigerating system is as important as human's heart, its performance will influence 

the whole ice cream machine. For example, the bigger the compressor horsepower is, the 

faster the cooling speed will be. For this core part, Taycool selected the world's famous

and most stable compressor, the Tecumseh brand. 

★The control system is just like the human's brain. It control the whole ice cream machine's

operation and running. Any wrong running will be reflected and given signal by it. For instance,   

if the ambient working environment (voltage, current) fluctuates a lot, the soft serve  machine 

would stop working to avoid further damage.

★The driving system is like human's limbs, it is as important as other two systems. Here, 

the driving system mainly refers to the motor system.

ice cream compressor.jpg 

soft serve machine.jpg

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ice cream machine from China.jpg

Low-level alarm function: Low mix indicator fitted in hoppers, avoiding frozen cylinder;

Overnight function: keep ice cream mix fresh during long time no-use periods and night;

◆ Counter function: Recording the total numbers of dispensing everyday. Estimate 

cost for your ice cream business;

6-level Hardness Adjustable: 1~6 levels hardness adjustable for different soft ice cream 

powder. Usually, 2-level hardness is recommended;

Error Code Indication: There are some error code indication would show on the display

panel if the machine's electrical running condition is not good. It aims to protect the soft

serve ice cream machine.

Taycool soft ice cream machines are constructed to last for years of trouble free running.

The LCD display panel is fitted with the corresponding indicator light for each different function buttons.Simple but multi-functions operation. 

ice cream maker brands .jpg

soft ice cream maker.jpg

ice cream machines.jpg

Taycool care for every most details for producing high quality ice cream equipments:

taycool soft ice cream freezer shell.jpg

ice cream machine mixer shaft.jpg

taycool ice cream machine hoppers.jpg


Since over 8 years TAYCOOL is specialized in machines for express soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. We rely on a widespread network of importers, distributors and other business partners located in almost 100 countries all over around the world.


TAYCOOL, founded in 2011, has always been the expert in soft ice cream machines, frozen yogurt makers field. We only concentrating on designing and producing soft serve equipments, that's why we have been able to develop high advanced technologies and ensure anyone to produce excellent ice cream and frozen yogurt.


Our mission is to add new concept to the history of ice cream, combining innovation with rich experience and special technology, in order to maintain the standard of excellence that make us world-renowned. Our values are Made in China culture, quality, innovation, timely and skilled customer support services, environmental efficiency and sustainability. Because we also think about quality of life. 

Contact us : Tel:+86 0755 27116370

Mobile/whats app:+86 150 1927 1958 (Ivan)

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