Tabletop One Tap Ice Cream Machine Gear Pump

Tabletop One Tap Ice Cream Machine Gear Pump

TC302A countertop soft ice cream machine with advanced gear pump feeding, satisfying various soft serve and frozen yogurt.

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Product Details

Tabletop One Tap Ice Cream Machine Gear Pump

Brief Introduce:

2.0L freezing cylinder, optimizing on capacity, extraordinary continuous discharge ability, pre-cooling for hopper and cylinder at the same time,

Counter and standby functions allows you experience the glamour of the new generation Ice-cream machines.

Quick details:

General Parameters:













Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Dimension

323x781x866 mm

Packing Dimension

435x890x1060 mm

Note: The capacity is depends on the operating environment and mixture.

Electrical Specification:

Rated Power




Motor Power


Suggested Power Supply


Refrigeration System:


Tecumseh 1HP/1

Refrigerating Capacity

4071 BTU/h



Cooling System

Air Cooling

          gear pump ice cream maker.jpg

Taycool soft serve freezers Packing & Delivery:  

Packaging Detail: Standard wood case.

Delivery Details: Ships via common carrier, by sea or air.

Shipping Time: Within two weeks after deposit paid. 


  • √ Compact design, countertop, single flavour design

  • √ The best ultra-premium LED backlit display

  • √ Overnight mode for convenient standby storage

  •   User-friendly, simple control system

  •  1 hp French famous brand Tecumseh compressor

  •  4 gallon tank wih mixing system. per hour production is 240cones

  • √ Perfect for convenience stores, bakeries, quick serve restaurants, or coffee shops

Taycool Pump Feed Ice cream Machine Features:

Freezing Cylinder : 1 x 2.0L 

Mix Hopper:  1 x 14.0L , hopper refrigeration(pre-cooling) maintains mix below 5°C

Refrigeration System

Main refrigeration: 1 x Tecumseh compressor , 4071BTU/h , R404a

Microprocessor Controls 

Microprocessor regulates refrigeration by measuring product viscosity to maintain consistent quality.

Mix low light 

The mix low light will flash to alert operator to add mix, preventing cylinder over freezing.

Standby / Overnight

Maintains product temperature in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders below 4.4°C during long no-use periods.
Counter Function

Recording numbers of dispensinf every day and total quantity of dispenses. 

Agitator in the hopper:
The agitator mix system is drived by a little motor, double blades make the ice cream mixture even.

30 Liters/Hour. 240cones/Hour, as per 80g/cone. Note that the capacity is depends on the operating environment and mixture.

Frozen Yoghurt Soft Serve Machines

Serve your guests delicious fresh soft ice cream with this small ice cream machine! Similar to slushy and granita machines, but mainly for commercial use in bars, coffees, bakery stores and ice cream shops. With a stronger 1 hp Tecumseh freezing compressor, 14.0L ice cream tank. This ice cream machine should be installed at or below 40 degrees, which creates a smooth, creamy ice cream that replicates the consistency of soft serve. Too high temperature will be bad for the texture of ice cream or frozen yogurt, and will damage the ice cream machine. With a 14 litre capacity and a top fill hopper, this soft serve ice cream machine prepares 240 cones of ice cream per hour, as per 80g/cone, ensuring that you'll always have enough frozen treats on hand for your hungry customers. 

The compact, countertop size makes this soft ice cream machine the perfect addition to any quick serve restaurant, gelato / frozen yogurt shop, convenience store, bakery. The ice cream machine features a user-friendly interface with an LED backlit display that is easy to operate and understand, no matter who is using it. The control system allows you to set the ice cream maker to a specific hardness for different ice crea, mix, or turn it to standby mode to safely hold product overnight. The drip tray can be easily removed for thorough cleaning. This unit requires a 220V electrical connection.

single flavor ice cream maker.jpg

This small and compact soft serve ice cream machine also can make frozen yogurt, very suitable for catering premises such 

as bars, cafes, pastry shops, kiosks and restaurants. This softy ice cream machine can perform in limited space, such as aging 

vat, conserving, dispensing machine and ice cream making machine.

small ice cream maker.jpg

           soft ice cream machine one flavor.jpg

Taycool soft serve freezer adopts to frequency converter, its very low working noise provides a more comfortable environment 

for your customers to enjoy the delicious ice cream !

          ice cream machine from usa.jpg

countertop ice cream machine.jpg

ice cream machine gas.jpg

         Taycool Soft Ice Cream Making Machine Details:




1. Why the ice cream macihne suddenly stopped working and smoking ?

This problem may be casued by four resons

- Compressor junction box is burned, you should change a new one;

- The mix motor in the ice cream machine hopper is burned, you should change a new mix motor;

- The fan in the ice cream machine is burned, you should check if the cylider or hopper is leaking ice cream mixture or oil, then change a new fan and related O-rings;

- The circuit board connection box is burned, you should change new circuit board.  

About Taycool

Located in the thriving city, Shenzhen, TAYCOOL, with its own brands, is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality counter top soft ice cream machine with single flavor and air pump. Providing with customized service and with quantity machines in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and cheap bulk counter top soft ice cream machine with single flavor and air pump at low price with us. We specialize in ice cream industry for over 12 years, so whether you are looking to start making your own italian ice cream, open an ice cream parlour, cafe or juice / shake bar, or purchase a quality soft ice cream machine, we will have the equipment and advice to help you.


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