Countertop Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker Price with Three Flavors Gravity Feed Style

Twin twist flavors, counter top model soft serve ice cream maker with air pump: With 14.0L*2 hoppers and the base series 2.0L*2 cylinders in order to meet big production.

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Product Details

Countertop Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker Price with Three Flavors Gravity Feed Style

Brief Introduce:

Twin flavors, counter top model soft serve machine, ice cream maker with air pump: With 14.0L*2 hoppers and the base series 2.0L*2 cylinders in order to meet big production. Easy to position, it can fit into any location. This model is particularly small and compact.

Quick details:

General Parameters:













Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Dimension

540x732x953 mm

Packing Dimension

660x860x1210 mm

Note: The capacity is depends on the operating environment and mixture.

Electrical Specification:

Rated Power




Motor Power


Suggested Power Supply


Refrigeration System:


Tecumseh 1.5HP/1

Refrigerating Capacity

5473 BTU/h



Cooling System

Air Cooling

Small size soft serve yogurt ice cream machine.png

The only counter top model and twin twist flavor for high volume production. Ideal for frozen yogurt, ice cream, soft serve and frozen desserts.

Packing & Delivery of Taycool Ice Cream Making Machine:  

Packaging Detail: Standard Poly-wood case.

Delivery Details: By sea or airfreight. 

Shipping Time: Within two weeks after deposit paid.

Taycool Ice Cream Machine TC322S Features:

1. All Taycool models: 304stainless steel shell, Longer durability;

2. High overrun, 60% with air tube in the hoppers;

3. Tecumseh compressors (from France);

4. Danfoss(Denmark) Expansion valve;

5. Agitator mixing system in hoppers;

6. Refrigerated hopper with feed tube, level sensor system.

7. Pre-cooling in hopper and cylinder-- To keep the ice cream mixture fresh in hoppers and cylinders if the outside temperature is higher or during night;

8. Stainless steel beater with blades-- Food grade standard;

9. Overnight function(standby)--Keep the ice cream mixture fresh during night;

10. Mix level indicators with flashing red light-- When the mix is little in hoppers, the machine will alert you to add more mixture;   

11. Counter function—Control cost, reduce cost, the numbers of dispensing is showed on the display panel;

Taycool Ice Cream Machine TC322S Highlights:

1. Pure Italian technology and appearance;

2. Perfect continuity of dispensing;

3. Frequency converter, lower noise;

4. 85~90% spare parts, electrical, refrigeration & insulation, material from international standards;

5. Special frozen cylinder protection system for better cooling performance;

6. 24 months warranty for the compressor and motor;

7. Patented air pump greatly improves overrun and the botton line of your businesses; 

8. Our service personnel is online during 24*7 hours, inquiries can be replied within 24 hours;

9. More than 1000 bars, frozen yogurt shops and ice cream shops are using our machines globally.

This is an absolute novelty for the market of professional refrigeration, pastry shop and ice cream parlour 

furniture amazing energy efficiency is the key feature of our product. 100% stainless steel construction ensure 

long life span giving value for your investment. 

air pump ice cream machines from taycool.png

Taycool Ice Cream Machine TC322S provides you the Perfect continuity of dispensing 

and high overrun soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt !

taycool ice cream machine.png

This small and slim soft serve ice cream maker also can make frozen yogurt, very suitable 

for catering premises such as bars, cafes, pastry shops, kiosks and restaurants.taycool ice cream equipment.jpg

Taycool soft ice cream machine has four safeguards to ensure the machine well-performance.

taycool ice cream machines.jpg

Taycool Ice Cream Maker Features:

taycool ice cream.png

small ice cream maker with 3 flavors.jpg

Taycool soft serve freezer adopts to frequency converter, its very low working noise 

provides a more comfortable environment for your customers to enjoy the delicious 

ice cream !

taycool ice cream machines with low noise.png

taycool frozen yogurt.png

taycool ice cream machines parts.png

taycool cooling pipe.png

ice cream machine seller.jpg


Since over 16 years TAYCOOL is specialized in machines for express soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. We rely on a 

widespread network of importers, distributors and other business partners located in almost 100 countries all over 

around the world.


TAYCOOL, founded in 2000, has always been the expert in soft ice cream machines, frozen yogurt makers field. We 

only concentrating on designing and producing soft serve equipments, that's why we have been able to develop high 

advanced technologies and ensure anyone to produce excellent ice cream and frozen yogurt.


Our mission is to add new concept to the history of ice cream, combining innovation with rich experience and special 

technology, in order to maintain the standard of excellence that make us world-renowned. Our values are Made in China 

culture, quality, innovation, timely and skilled customer support services, environmental efficiency and sustainability. 

Because we also think about quality of life.

Located in the thriving city, Shenzhen, TAYCOOL, with its own brands, is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers 

and suppliers of various high quality counter top soft serve ice cream machine with twin twist flavors and air pump. Providing 

with customized service and with quantity machines in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and cheap bulk counter

top soft serve ice cream machine with twin twist flavors and air pump at low price with us.

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