Cheap Price Table Top Soft Ice Cream Machine Commercial Use

Cheap Price Table Top Soft Ice Cream Machine Commercial Use

Located in the thriving city, Shenzhen, TAYCOOL, with its own brands, is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality soft serve ice cream machine one flavor table top wholesale chinese supplier. Providing with customized service and with quantity machines...

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Product Details

Air Cooling Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Machine One Flavor

Brief Introduction:

Single flavour, counter top model. This small body commercial soft serve ice cream machine offer soft serve, frozen yogurt and sorbet. All parts in contact with the mixture and frozen yogurt are made of 304 stainless steel and food safe materials.  Fitted with real quality Franch Tecumseh compressor. Super mute system provide a comfort environment. These models are particularly slim and space-saving.

Quick details:

General Parameters:













Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Dimension

323x781x866 mm

Packing Dimension

435x890x1060 mm

Note: The capacity is depends on the operating environment and mixture.

Electrical Specification:

Rated Power




Motor Power


Suggested Power Supply


Refrigeration System:


Tecumseh 1HP/1

Refrigerating Capacity

4071 BTU/h



Cooling System

Air Cooling

                             CE ETL spring handle small size thailand fry ice cream machine.png

Taycool Soft Serve  Ice Cream Machine TC302S Features:

Taycool Ice Cream Machine TC302S provides you the Perfect continuity of dispensing and high overrun soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt.

◆ Small size,  high production, the capacity is 16 liters. Offer sorbet, frozen yogurt, soft serve;


◆ Easy-Assembling-Discharge Door: The discharge door is designed to remove and assemble easily. The transparent door allows operator check if the cylinder full of mix, avoiding freezing up in cylinder. What's more, it will help you recognize the ice cream flavors directly.


◆ Frequency Converter System: lower noise, energy-saving, it is applied to the compressor and fan system, well-protected the ice cream machine's performance. The compressor, motor and fan, all lower noise 40%.


◆ Agitator system, mixer in hoppers drived by little motor. Ice Cream Machine cylinder: 1*14.0L capacity, high production to satisfy peak selling periods. The hopper is made of a double-insulated wall to create very fast and even freezing. Double wall keeps the tank cool and at even temperature.

taycool soft serve machine spare parts.jpg

Besides, Taycool soft serve ice cream making machine also have other features below:

◆ Strong freezing compressor that chills at or below 20 degrees F, which increases a product similar to soft serve/frozen yogurt

◆ Simple, user-friendly interface, compact design, 1 tank, easy to clean, freezing cycle of 10 minutes

◆ Standby mode available for overnight storage of blends; Leave product in unit for up to 7 days

◆ Minimal Residual Mixture: Only 150g ice cream mix is left in the machine after finished dispensing ice cream. This data from our customer's real feedback. It can reduce more cost

◆ Base: Contains heavy-duty right angle motor strong enough to make and dispense ice cream.

◆ Food Grade Level Dispensing Handle: Dispenses the soft ice cream when handle is pulled down. Also removable for easy cleaning.   

◆ Mixing Arm (Not Buzzer): The panel would flash red light if there is very little mix in the tank, which means you need to add new mix to avoid freezing up.

◆ Overnight function(standby), keep fresh during no-use period;

◆ Counter function, control cost;

◆ Gravity system, keep texture of mix;

Why Taycool’s soft serve ice cream machines only have 45dB working noise ?

1: The cooling system. In 2016, all taycool series soft ice cream machines use Tecumseh compressor, very stable and more powerful cooling ability, during the moment the machine starts, the compressor shocks lighter than Aspera compressor.

2: Driving system: Take this table top model and another huge production floor standing model ice cream machine TC582S for example, these two ice cream machines adopt to direct driving system, no belt and belt wheel. This is really a top selling point and creatively in soft serve ice cream machines field.

3: Total cooling pipe, 0.8mm thickness cooling copper pipe, perfect connection, never worry about leaking problems anymore. When the machine is working, the noise is low due to the closely connection technology. Second, still take this model TC302S as example, after we improved the driving system, the rated power of motor down low to 750W, but if it is belt driving system, it will be 1100W to keep its well performance. Finally, we improved radian of the stainless steel beaters in the freezing cylinders, which speed up the speed of dispensing ice cream.   

There are details about our best-selling counter top model, small size soft serve ice cream machine --- TC302S as following:


Taycool Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Details:

ice cream parts.jpg

small ice cream maker.jpg

                     WHO WE ARE

                     Since over 16 years TAYCOOL is specialized in machines for express soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. 

                     We rely on a widespread network of importers, distributors and other business partners located in almost 

                     100 countries all over around the world.

                     OUR VISION

                     TAYCOOL, founded in 2000, has always been the expert in soft ice cream machines, frozen yogurt makers 

                      field. We only concentrating on designing and producing soft serve equipments, that's why we have been able

                      to develop high advanced technologies and ensure anyone to produce excellent ice cream and frozen yogurt.

                      OUR MISSION

                      Our mission is to add new concept to the history of ice cream, combining innovation with rich experience and 

                      special technology, in order to maintain the standard of excellence that make us world-renowned. Our values 

                      are Made in China culture, quality, innovation, timely and skilled customer support services, environmental 

                      efficiency and sustainability. Because we also think about quality of life.


Located in the thriving city, Shenzhen, TAYCOOL, with its own brands, is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality cheap price table top soft ice cream machine commercial use. Providing with customized service and with quantity machines in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and cheap bulk cheap price table top soft ice cream machine commercial use at low price with us.
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