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Ice Cream Machine In Hotelex
- Apr 04, 2018 -

In previous years our stand at this show had always been branded high quality comercial soft ice cream machines, and focused primarily on imprving the ice cream machines's stability and optimizing inner construction. Simplifying the operation of the ice cream machine as much as possible. Make it more suitable for big chainstores, ice cream vending machines, supermarkets. This year we have kept the same product features, but have branded the new automatic ice cream making machine, the TC302D, with single flavor, countertop, high consistant of dispensing. Supporting electric payment. Technologies, reinforcing the “Innovation To Shape The Ice Cream World”.  

The stand also featured our ice cream mix partner, brand Like Cream, high quality liquid mix provider, factory located in Nanjing city. The stand was designed firstly to push Taycool and Like Cream names, to showcase the results achievable with our new ice cream machines' technologies, and to launch the soft ice cream maker and ice cream mix integrated solutions in market. The stand had a very open and spacious design, with fewer products than in previous years, but with more space for visitors to move around within the stand and to sit and talk to us. And visitors will have more chances to operate and test different models ice cream machines, and figure it out which ice cream machines is more fittable for their business.

 soft ice cream machines.jpg

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