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Ice Cream Machine Cleaning Skills
- Jan 04, 2019 -

1. Clean ice cream machine cylinder. Open the top tid of ice cream machine, gently scrub the cylinder with a cloth, pour water from the top of the ice cream machine, let it flow slowly into the refrigeration cylinder, open the washing button, and clean for 1~2 minutes. 

2. Clean ice cream machine freezer. Make sure you have unplugged the power supply. You can loosen the four big nuts on the front of the ice cream machine discharge door, take the mixing shaft out , wash it with water. 

3. Cleaning of fuselage. You can wipe the fuselage with a warm towel, wash the stains, and do not rinse with water, so as to avoid electrical failure. 

4. Driving adjustment. After ice cream machine is used for a long time, the drive belt of the mixing system may be lengthened and need to be adjusted. Or the belt would slip and machine would stop work suddenlly after the soft ice cream machine runs for a while. Before adjusting the belt, the power must be cut off. After adjusting the belt tightly, ice cream machine returns to normal statement.