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Ice Cream Can Also Be A Work Of Art.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

PPM and estudio gelmi, the Brazilian advertising company designed three posters for for ice cream industry owner, Habib,which caused a large number of discussions.

Chocolate Ice Cream.jpg Strawberry Ice Cream.jpg Vanilla Ice Cream.jpg

A spoon stucked in the Shoulder of hunting goddess Artemis.

As we all know ice cream melts when it meets the heat, while what kind of sparks will it bring when the ice cream meets the everlasting classic art?

In these three posters, the designer convert the ice cream from a ball on a cone of ice into Artemis, the goddess of hunting in Greek mythology, Moai statues on Easter Island, and Meditators.

These  "statues" ice cream are so vivid, and providing chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors, and the spoon are placed on top of them. These ice cream looked like perfect arts,