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How To Make Ice Cream By Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine ?
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Simple steps for making ice cream:

Preparing 2.5~3.0L water and 1 bag ice cream powder, normally it's 1KG. Pour the ice cream powder into water sllowlly, but notice don't pour it for one time quickly. Then mix the mixture for 5 mintues, then pour into ice cream machine hopper after 10 mintues. But rememeber that take away the air tube in the hopper before pour ice cream mixture, which will help the ice cream liquid flow into cylinder qucikly. Saving time. Then install the air tube after the cylinder is full of ice cream mixture.Then begain "cleaning" for about 5 minutes, which will be good for ice cream overrun. Then press"Auto" button, begain to making ice cream.