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How To Clean Ice Cream Machines?
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Since dairy products are susceptible to coliform bacteria, which can rapidly multiply to dangerous levels, many health departments require daily cleaning and sanitizing of soft-serve ice cream machines. 

There are several methods for cleaning process, including washout ice cream machine kits, which are essentially faucet hookups for the top of the machine that enable you turn on the water straight into the hopper. 

The other cleaning method is start the auto-cleaning mode that flushes and cleans ice cream machine at the push of a button. But this method also need disassembly periodically to clean and sanitize ice cream machine parts. Obviously, Auto-cleaning function can save operators much time, and reduce employers labor cost.

There are another choice, you can choose pasteurization soft ice cream machine for your shop. This kind of ice cream machine is higher cost, more expensive than normal machines, but you don't need to clean it everyday. Pasteurization function will keep ice cream stay away from bacteria for a long time.

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