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The 21th China (Shanghai) Bakery Exhibition 2018
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Time: 09-12, May 2018

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, ShanghaiChina.

Exhibition Introduction

Bakery China is an international event promoting all bakeries, confectionary market and food industries worldwide The 18th China (Shanghai) Baking Exhibition, held in May every year in Shanghai, the next month after Shanghai Hotelex. It normally attributes around  20,000 exhibitors, including professional buyers from more than 100 countries and overseas regions. The exhibition gathers the bakery industry's most authoritative industry associations and media. The integration of product display, procurement and trade has become an annual event that is indispensable to the Chinese baked goods industry.

The event also provides an astounding opportunity for all attenders and visitors to learn and communication, as well as providing the widest selection of quality and cost effective bakery ingredients, ice cream powder, yogurt powder, ice cream equipments, bakery equipments, applications and related products & services. The exhibition is a popular chance for all bakers and confectioners from all around the world to learn, display and endorse their products and goods.

Exhibitor Category

Foods, cakes (moon cakes), breads, cakes, biscuits, raw and auxiliary materials for food and beverage, decorations and food processing (OEM);

Special grease, cream, special flour, premix, frozen dough, starch, potato products; 

Fillings, fruit, nuts, candied fruit and other canned fruits, moon cakes, cake accessories; 

Baking equipment and appliances, craft baking equipment and utensils, bakery products;

Food filling wok, sandwich pot; (stuffing) automatic measuring packaging machinery;

Other food processing machinery, such as frozen yogurt makers, ice cream machines, soft serve machines, soft ice cream machines, hard ice cream machines, Gelato machines etc.