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Shanghai International Dairy Products,Ice-cream and Processing Equipment Exhibition 2019
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Shanghai International Dairy Products,Ice-cream and Processing Equipment Exhibition 2019

Exhibition time: May 29-31, 2019

Exhibition location: National Exhibition Center - Shanghai • Hongqiao

Exhibition category

• Milk and dairy products

• Dairy packaging and equipment

•All kinds of ice cream

• Ice Cream raw materials and ingredients

• Ice cream processing and packaging equipment, ice cream machine, soft ice cream machines, hard ice cream machines

• Ice cream packaging materials and printing services

• Refrigeration and refrigeration equipment, cold chain logistics, etc.

Ice cream and cold drink manufacturing equipment

• Ice cream production line, ice cream cold drink equipment, ice cream freezer, ice cream machine, including soft serve ice cream machine, Gelato machine, hard ice cream machine, popsicle machine, cold drink machine, frozen trough complete equipment, fried ice machine, automatic dicer, quantitative filling machine, ice cream color filling machine, margarine, shortening Quick freezing machine, etc.

• Display of various new ice cream products, hand-made ice cream, milk-containing drinks, cold food and beverage, food processing (OEM);

• Supporting packaging, printing, processing and production equipment: ice cream ice cream automatic packaging machine, wafer product, ice cream cone, ice cream mold, edible cup machine, crispy machine, matching plastic cup, flexible packaging production line, high efficiency cup making machine, compound Flexible packaging, plastic sealing and trademark printing, automatic coding machine, various sterilization machines, sterilization pots, high pressure homogenizers, colloid mills, wafer baking, etc.

• Fragrance and fragrance additives and ingredients: vanilla flavor and fragrance for ice cream, ice cream compound emulsion stabilizer, pure natural pigment, food coloring, cyclamate, lactic acid bacteria, ice cream special milk powder, creamer cream, ice cream special protein powder, soy flour, tripoly Glycerol monostearate ice cream accessories, starch, maltodextrin, fresh cream, natural fruit powder, natural concentrated fruit juice, chocolate chunks, pulp, coffee beans, coffee powder, etc.;

• Commercial ice cream machine, raw materials, ingredients: commercial soft and hard ice cream machine, ice cream raw materials, sterilization aging machine, ice cream production expensive, granule machine, cold drink machine and accessories, shell ice cream shell machine, ice cream vending machine, coffee Machine, etc.

• Ice cream shop, cold drink shop, bar, water bar facilities and supplies, ice cream chain stores, franchise stores, etc.;

• All kinds of quick-frozen foods, frozen foods, warehousing and transportation equipment, and other related food machinery equipment, utensils, tools, etc.


Target audience

• Producer / Brand / Investor


• Purchasing office / trading company / importer and exporter

• Integrated maternity store / department store / commercial real estate / supermarket / pharmacy

• Network agents/retailers

• Chamber of Commerce Association / Consulate

• Media and service agencies