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- Nov 30, 2018 -

Saudi Horeca is the largest annual exhibitin in the Middle East. It has been successfully held for 25 years in Lebanon, for 5 years in Jordan, for 7 years in Kuwait and for 8 years in Saudi Arabia.

The exhibition attracts food, beverage producers and professional traders from all over the world every year. It is an ideal platform and exchange event for establishing customer relationship and ordering products in the food industry. The exhibition strictly controls the admission criteria of visitors and ensures that exhibitors have the opportunity to interview more real buyers here.

Market Analysis

For those commodity provideers, Saudi Arabia now offers huge opportunities for growth in the fast-growing food industry. Soft drinks, juice drinks, breakfast cereals, natural foods, cooking oil, cake biscuits, ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbert, frozen treats, snacks, poultry and meat products are all in a period of rapid growth. Saudi Arabia is the largest food and beverage consumer market in the Gulf region. Saudi Arabia's demand for food and beverage products is so great that a large number of products need to be imported. The investment opportunities that depend on their imports are obvious. Since 1970, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become the largest food and beverage trading market in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is also the main food processing and packaging market in the Middle East, with an annual turnover of about US$3 billion, accounting for 72% of the total packaging industry in the Gulf.

Exhibits Category

Foods and beverages, baked and baked products, cakes, oats, cereals and legumes, frozen treats, such as ice cream, Gelato, frozen yogurt, condiments and jams, candies, dairy products and milk, egg products, ethnic specialties, fresh products, frozen and refrigerated foods, fruit products and pickles, groceries, ingredients and semi-finished products, pasta/pasta products, leisure Food, vegetable and pickled products, beer, coffee and tea, fruit juice and soft drinks, retail and catering equipment, bar and coffee equipment, furniture and supplies, cleaning, sanitary equipment and supplies, dishwashers and dishwashers, catering equipment, hotel safety technology, hotel supply companies and service companies, leisure and entertainment companies Equipment, ovens and their accessories, refrigeration equipment, catering suppliers and service companies, steam engines (steam pans), tableware, commercial refrigerators, commercial ice cream machines, soft ice cream machines, Gelato machines, refrigerators, fresh-keeping cabinets, ice-making machines, dishwashers, food processing "> food processing equipment, food and beverage equipment, kitchen machinery, baking equipment, ovens, ovens, buffet ovens, ice Cream machine, ice crusher, juicer, coffee machine, stainless steel kitchen equipment, buffet tableware, meat grinder, vegetable machine, etc.




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