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ISM - the world's largest trade fair for sweets and snacks 2018
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Exhibition time:January, 28 - 31,2018. 

Location: Europe - Germany - Cologne

Exhibition industry: sweets and snacks

Brief Intro:

The German Cologne  ISM show exhibits range from the entire global market, which is unmatched by any other exhibition. All the relevant target groups or buyers in the global candy industry are attracted to it here. Small and medium-sized suppliers and industry leaders in this show contact with global trade directly, with revolutionary ideas, ideas and ideas to achieve future customer needs. These are for the suppliers and customers to create a win-win between the unlimited opportunities.

Every year, people from all over the world come together to understand, explore and explore the latest trends, products and business opportunities. ISM exhibits are unmatched by any other exhibition, and its wide range reflects the development trend of the global market. The two basic concepts of the exhibition are: strictly limit the content of the exhibits, the scope of the audience limited to product distributors and important buyers. Here to build the future of the industry to attract business partners in the development trend and theme, but also open up the market and promote the trading volume of new and old products. ISM only for professional customers to visit - especially large-scale buyers.

Range of exhibition

1, biscuits, snacks, sugar products, snack foods, bakery products;

2, cocoa, chocolate and chocolate products;

3, ice cream, frozen yogurt and business powder, bread food;

4, candy and glial sugar, snacks and so on.