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Ice Cream Expo
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Date: 12-14 Feb 2019

Location: Yorkshire Event Centre, HarrogateUK.

Ice Cream Expo is an exhibition for ice Cream Lover, ice cream business investor, ice cream equipments and ice cream ingredients seller and buyers.
Ice Cream Expo is one of the most significant events in the ice cream industry. Hundreds of suppliers, manufacturers and ice cream specialists gather from different countries. They share and exchange ideas and techniques used in their business. The expo provides a excellent forum for all retailers and suppliers. The ice cream expo is attended by a wide range of visitors from all the sectors primarily because of their love for ice cream. It provides an ideal opportunity for all ice cream brands to promote and market their business among the clients. The exhibitors also display latest ice cream equipments and technolog in the ice cream business based on current trends.