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- Jan 22, 2018 -


Show Date: 2.3 - 2.7 2018 

Show Address: Stuttgart International Exhibition Center

Taycool Booth: Hall 1, D61

Exhibition Introduction

GELATISSIMO, the world's largest and most professional ice cream ingredient, ice cream production technology, ice cream equipments exhibition, is held biennially at the Stuttgart International Exhibition Center in conjunction with InterGastra. The exhibition shows ice cream production technology and production equipment, commercial soft ice cream machines, handmade ice cream, and ice cream production machines. With approximately 9,000 viewers, the qualification of the audience is very high: 49% are independent contractors / managing directors or self-employed, and 17% are employed in managerial positions.

GELATISSIMO is an exhibition of ice cream making in Stuttgart, where many exhibitors will show ice cream making ingredients, additives, ice cream making equipments, ice cream machine manufacturing, display and sales services.

GELATISSIMO is a biennial handmade ice cream show in central Europe where owners of ice cream makers, ice cream parlors and coffee shops as well as food processors get information on exciting events about ice cream in five days to boost sales Information. Held in conjunction with INTERGASTRA, GELATISSIMO will show all themes of ice cream, gastronomy, hospitality, beverages and coffee during this exhibition. Ice cream makers and foodies always can present innovative products and activities. Providing opportunities for professional exchange of information and ideas, also broadens visitors' horizons.

Range of exhibition

Ice cream machines and ice cream raw materials, kitchen systems and accessories, coffee and coffee machines, food and specialty; ice cream, raw materials, additives, technology, equipment operation, sales, exhibition and service.