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- Jan 22, 2018 -

EXPO RIVA HOTEL is one of the most important fairs in Italy in terms of hospitality and professional catering industry since 1979. The Expo Riva Hotel is a 4 days event being held from 29th January to the 1st February 2017 at the Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, Trento in Trento, Italy. This event is organized by Riva Del Garda Fierecongressi S.P.A. This event showcases product like kitchen blocks, Food & equipment, Coffee & Beverage in the Hotel, Restaurant & Catering industry.

The success of this show was due to the segmenting of the show's components at different times during one year, strategic decisions, the qualification of exhibitors, and the innovative capabilities of the show, posing new challenges for the project. In addition, Garda Trentino, one of Italy's main traveling destinations, receives more than three million visitors each year.

Sponsored by Federalberghi and Federturismo, the Expo Riva Hotel becomes one of the three most popular shows in Italy now.

Exhibitors including hotel departments, restaurants, pizzerias, fast food restaurants and self-service shops, global sales offices, wholesale food and beverage suppliers, beer sellers, bars, cafes, patisseries, designers and architects, Engineers, health centers, beauty centers, hot resorts and public resorts.

Exhibits Products Range

Hotel indoor and outdoor supplies: indoor and outdoor furniture and fittings, bathroom furniture, textiles, wall coverings and carpets, desktop accessories and accessories, technical and information technology systems and ceremonial packages;

Coffee and drinks: coffee, tea, infusion, mineral water, fruit juices, soft drinks, industrial and artisan beers, wines, spirits and liqueurs;

Food and equipment: food and ingredients for specialty catering, products for ice cream parlors and pastry shops, ice cream equipment, including soft ice cream machines, Gelato machines and large installations, kitchen utensils, cleaning products and equipment;

Eco-Health and Hospitality Management Systems: Conceptual Products for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, Health Center Equipment and Products, Hotel and Restaurant Systems and Technology Products.