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AIFE China
- Nov 22, 2018 -

AIFE China

Beijing Exhibition: April 17-19, 2019 Beijing. China International Exhibition Center

Shanghai Exhibition: August 28-30, 2019 Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center

It is regularly exhibited in Beijing and Shanghai every year in April and August,. After several years of excellent development, it has become one of the largest, most influential and most popular industry events in the food and ice cream refrigeration industry in Asia. More than 2,000 companies from 27 countries have attended it for years, and it provided 60,000 square meters exhibition area, and more than 69,262 professional buyers have participated in the Expo. It has been held for 20 times successfully. It covers the entire scope of the food industry chain and it's an annual gathering of profeesional elite in the ice cream industry. Developed with the needs of ice cream market and frozen food market. It is committed to creating a one-stop trade communication and technology interoperability platform for the best food, ice cream and refrigeration industry in Asia, and jointly promote the rapid development of the ice cream frozen food industry.

『Exhibition category』 

·Leisure food ·Imported food ·Organic food ·Green food ·Frozen food ·Refrigerated food

·Agricultural and sideline products ·Candy snacks ·Health foods ·Cereal foods ·Selenium-enriched foods ·Grain and oil products

·Famous specialties ·Fruits and vegetables / eggs ·Infant food ·Coffee / tea ·Dairy products / high-end drinks

·Meat/Aquatic Products ·Packaging Materials ·All kinds of food machinery ·Wine/drinking water ·Condiment/food accessories

· All kinds of food processing machinery, refrigeration machines, ice cream machines, frozen yogurt makers.