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2019 China Spring Ice Cream Cold Drinking Exhibition and the 5th Western Frozen Food Exhibition
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The Ice Cream Exhibition and Western Frozen Food Exhibition will be held at the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 7th to March 9th, 2019.

Previous review:

September 1-3th, 2018, sponsored by China Non-staple Food Distribution Association, Hong Kong International Food Association, Beijing Long Pinxi Exhibition Co., Ltd., known as one of the largest ice cream and cold food exhibitions in Asia and Eastern Europe, 2018 autumn Chinese ice cream Cold Food Exhibition and Frozen Food Exhibition (Also referred to “Autumn Ice Exhibition”) was successfully held at the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area of nearly 22,000 square meters. According to the statistics of the organizers, the 2018 Autumn Ice Show attracted a total of visitors from all over the world to update the record of the China Ice Cream Cold Food Exhibition.


Exhibition scope:

Various types of ice cream, frozen food, frozen yogurt, low-temperature frozen food, conditioning food, microwave food and other production enterprises; raw materials and ingredients enterprises; packaging materials and printing service; molds and ancillary equipment enterprises; ice cream machines; frozen yogurt makers; Gelato machines; safety testing equipment and technology enterprises etc.