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2018 China Jinan Hotel Supplies Expo
- Sep 19, 2018 -

It is generally believed that attending ice cream machine exhibition can bring you the following benefits: The rapid development of ice cream machine exhibitions is generally based on industries with a lot of opportunities or emerging industries, which is also the best opportunity for you to make business decisions. The organizers of the exhibition are committed to inviting many powerful buyers and suppliers from all over the country and abroad, which guarantees the efficiency of the participants. For the audience, the visit to the ice cream machine exhibition can keep up with the latest technological innovation. Get answers to your technical questions on the spot.

There are four related ice cream machine exhibitions in the next period of time in China. Today we will introduce you the first one, 2018 China Jinan Hotel Supplies Expo. The exhibition date from September 27, 2018 to September 29, at the Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Traditional brand marketing strategy has no longer adapted to the requirements of new age. Only regard users' experience and the product as the center to promot and shape the brand can we continue to move forward in the tide of the times.

Ice cream machine exhibition prospect: At present, the hotel supplies market has a huge market space, and high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly hotel products will become the best-seller in the market! .

2018 China Jinan Hotel Supplies Expo will be held in Jinan International Exhibition Center, including different kitchen catering equipments, ice cream machines, soft ice cream mahcines, Gelato machines, hard ice cream machines, barbecue equipment and supplies, hotel furniture decoration, tableware, cleaning and washing equipment, lobby, room supplies It consists of 12 major sections: hotel intelligence, recreation and entertainment, catering and hotel ingredients, textile and cloth uniforms, food machinery, catering snacks, baking drinks and light food.