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2018 China Ice Cream Frozen Food Exhibition
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Exhibition Brief Introduction

2018 China Ice Cream Frozen Food Exhibition (Spring Ice Show), scheduled to be held on January 12-14, 2018 in Beijing International Exhibition Center.China Ice Cream Frozen Food Exhibition, is a large-scale professional exhibition platform for ice cream, frozen food manufacturers and distributors, supermarket and electric business, exhibitions, trade and exchange. The exhibition was approved by China Association of Non-staple Food Circulation, organized by Beijing Longpin Tin Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Ice Cream Show Basic Information:

Time: January 12~14, 2018

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi, Beijing)

Hall: Hall E

Expected exhibition size: 20,000 square meters

Held in the same period: 2018 China Frozen Food Exhibition

Featured Zone: Italian ice cream zone

Exhibitor Category:

Various types of ice cream, frozen food, low temperature dairy products, conditioning food, microwave food, and related industries and enterprises.


Buyers and Visitors:

Various types of ice cream and frozen food distributors, supermarkets, chain stores, shopping malls; all kinds of ice cream and frozen food importers and exporters; e-commerce and other emerging channels of ice cream and frozen food manufacturers; related technical personnel; various types of production facilities and service enterprises; relevant government departments , Industry organizations; related media and so on.